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At Clear Vision Eye Center in Pomona, California, you will receive quality eye care and professional eye surgery from a qualified, practicing eye surgeon. Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Dennis A. Chuck, is skilled in assessing and correcting your eyesight with the latest technologies in eye surgery.

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Eyeglasses are a hassle to clean and maintain, easy to lose and damage, and often uncomfortable and difficult to adjust to our face. You may feel like glasses are something you could live without, and with the right form of eye surgery, you will. Don't let eyeglasses interfere with your lifestyle.

Eliminate the need for eyeglasses and contact lenses with your specialized eye surgery from our certified ophthalmologist surgeon. Modern developments in eye surgery have allowed ophthalmologists the ability to improve and correct your vision more effectively with lens implants, correcting glaucoma and cataracts. Never again will you have to deal with your farsighted or nearsighted vision.

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